Rebuilding Post-Katrina New Orleans


THE SUNKEN CITY: REBUILDING POST-KATRINA NEW ORLEANS is a 53/73-minute documentary. The film sheds light on the challenging reconstruction of Post-Katrina New Orleans, while celebrating the achievements of residents and millions of volunteers. It showcases the vibrant musical landscape of the city and takes stock of the loss that defines the "storm generation." We explore the limitations of a recovery process built entirely upon the shoulders of individuals unsupported by any governmental structures. Throughout, the film examines larger themes relevant to American society today: individual versus government civic responsibility, and citizens' vision of, and trust in, democratic processes.

The film was previously titled The New Orleans Tea Party. Because the film was shot between December 2006 and October 2008 during the second term of the Bush Administration, and it was not related to, or supportive of, the current anti-government Tea Party movement, we have changed the title to better reflect the subject matter.


A documentary by

Marline Otte and Laszlo Fulop

The documentary is distributed by

Octapixx Worldwide and is available

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